Trish Strain 2

Cello and Fiddle


Patricia has a keen interest in all string instruments.

She has played the cello since the age of 7, and went on to study music and archaeology at Glasgow University. She has been teaching cello and double bass in schools for 20 years.

Trish has been hooked on traditional music for the past 15 years, having taught herself to play the violin she now tutors at GFW on violin and cello.

She conducts the Inverclyde Senior String Orchestra and the Glasgow Junior String Orchestra, and tutors double bass for the National Children's Orchestra of Scotland and Glasgow Schools Symphony Orchestra.

She recorded cello for Hugh Morrison on his award winning album Under a Texas Skye. She also tutored Irene Jacob to play the cello for the Colin Firth movie My Life So Far.

Patricia is married with two children and is currently teaching her daughter the cello and trying to initiate her son into the ways of the fiddle!