Instrument Hire is offered by GFW to help new students get started.

GFW has a good range of  Fiddles in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes.

There are small numbers of Accordions, Guitars, Cellos and Whistles.

We also have a number of Soprano sized Ukuleles used for Come & Try events.

Instrument hires generally fall into 3 categories, all are subject to availability.

 1. Loans of instruments for a whole term

These hires are generally for beginners who are trying a new instrument for a term to see if they like it, prior to purchasing their own instrument.

We charge a non refundable fee for the term. (Usually 7 weeks)

£20 Per Term - Accordion, Cello, Adult Fiddles, Guitar, Mandolin

£10 Per Term - Bodhran, Ukulele, Whistle, Junior Fiddles, Junior Guitar

Instruments are issued on the first night of term and must be returned on the last night of that term.

 2. Single nightly loans of instruments.

This is to help students when their own instrument is being repaired. These loans are free.

 3. Instrument Sales.

For smaller instruments (Whistles / Ukuleles ) these are often cheaper to purchase than hire.

We have a ready stock of nearly-new Ukuleles which can be purchased from GFW.

For all Hire / Sales requests please contact Craig Macdonald or any committee member