Next Very Slow Session at Bar Gumbo - 21st March

 Session 7.30pm-9.30pm at Bar Gumbo (71 - 77 Byres Road, Glasgow)


All material on Very Slow Session Sound Files, Chords and Music pages.  Tip for newcomers: take notes of the tunes you hear and work on them between sessions.  You'll soon recognise them.

Remember! Check sheet music pages for tablature suitable for mandolin and banjo... Bar Gumbo Very Slow Sessions usually 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month (always check here or Facebook) 

Early Bird (Alternate Tuesday) BEFORE the session  7:00pm-7:30pm

NEXT Early Bird: 18 April  2017   (tune: Elizabeth's Great Coat)

Sound files and music on 'Sound file' and 'Music' pages.

Note: Everyone welcome. NB Best for EARLY STAGE PLAYERS of ALL INSTRUMENTS to learn the tunes that we play regularly at the Very Slow Session.  Come and learn a new tune!

All sheet music, fingering, chords, sound files, mandolin/banjo tab available on VSS pages