Wednesday Warm-up @ John Wheatley

On Wednesday nights the tutors will be teaching their class one or two of these tunes (Wednesday Warm-Up Tunes).

It's great for Everyone to have get a wee warmup before classes, so if you know ANY of these tunes (even slightly) sit in between 6:50 and 7:25 before classes start.

The Warm-up is for ALL Players at all stages and helps everyone with the tunes that you’re learning and that others are learning

 Slow Session Repertoire

Tunes played are from the Very Slow Session repertoire, Nigel Gatherer’s Very Slow Session Tunebooks and choices made by tutors of tunes suitable for their level. Chords for these tunes are also available from (Very Slow Session - Chords).

GFW strives to maintain a repertoire of shared tunes. We continually revisit and share these at get-togethers like Burns Night, Christmas Dinner, End of Term Stramash, and especially at the (twice a month) Very Slow Session where several of our ukulele players make a great contribution to the Rhythm Section! Come along and try your new found skills!

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