After their success last year,the lovely folk from Cowal Fiddle Workshop are running the Dunoon Scottish Music Workshop in Dunoon this coming July. Here's some info about it.

"What should I expect and how much does it all cost?"

For £135 you receive 5 workshop sessions across 3 days, improving playing and taking your skillset, to the next level! Delivered by professional tutors, you will learn to give your instrument its own character using ornamentation, style and how you interpret the music. You'll benefit from learning new tunes and playing as a backing instrument to others.


A concert on the Saturday evening hosted by "The Alistair McCulloch Trio" from 7.30pm - 9.30pm is available for an additional £8 at the the door.


MacClures Bar is hosting an informal "Open Mic" on the Friday evening and the Burgh Hall has "Open Mic" on Saturday after the Trio concert for breakout groups to take part in dynamic "expression sessions."

Soup and sandwiches will be provided on Friday, with tea, coffee, juice and biscuits provided throughout the weekend for breaks.

A fun weekend focused on you, your style, your instrument and getting to know your fellow workshop musicians.

 Fiddle - Alistair McCulloch

3 x Scottish National Fiddle Champion & current Fiddle Instructor at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


  • Understanding phrasing and dynamics.
  • Bowing techniques and ornamentation for the playing of reels and jigs.
  • Tone production, colour, expression and bow control in slow airs
  • The use of higher positions in fiddle tunes.
  • Arranging for fiddle groups, including harmonies, intros, links and endings.
  • Effective double stopping
  • How to make pipe marches more authentic by improving rhythmic control, bowing and using pipe style ornamentation.
  • Playing faster and more accurately as a group.

Guitar DADGAD & Conventional - Aaron Jones

"Instrumentalist of the Year" and Won "Album of the Year" at the Scots Trad Music Awards


  • Tune Accompaniment - Working on accompaniment parts for pre-recorded tunes. Looking at chord variations, substitutions, rhythm variations, capo use and counterpoint.
  • Song Accompaniment - Sympathetic arrangement ideas, how to create parts, hook lines and the colour and dynamic you need to bring the songs story to life.
  • Solo Guitar - Arranging and performing tunes for solo finger style guitar.
  • Strumming Hand Technique - The strumming hand is what makes your playing unique to you. We look at ways you can colour strumming with a variety of techniques.

 High D and Low D Whistles - Marc Duff

Co- Founder of Celtic Band "Capercaillie" A graduate of Guildhall School of Music and is an extensive Session Musician


  • The use of breath control for shaping phrasing and utilising dynamics (volume), particularly in relation to playing slow airs, as well as jigs, reels, strathspeys etc.
  • How to use suitable articulation, ie. single, double and triple tonguing for different styles of tune, in conjunction with ornamentation.
  • Using appropriate ornamentation to enhance the character and rhythmic feel of a tune.
  • Using the above techniques to explore the different, contrasting styles of repertoire from the east and west coast of Scotland, as well as the Irish traditions.
  • How to construct harmonies and instrumental breaks, both as pre-planned and improvised ideas, within a group arrangement.

For more information or to book your place go to https://www.dunoonscottishmusicworkshop.co.uk/

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